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12 G SDI Repeater / Reclocker

The device can detect and recover the embedded clock signal of SMPTE video signals (a standard for professional video and audio signals). It ensures that the data is correctly re-timed at speeds of up to 12 Gbit/s. This means it stabilizes the signal and corrects any timing errors to ensure flawless playback and further processing. 

The device includes an automatic cable equalizer that amplifies and corrects the signal. Even at data rates of up to 11.98 Gbit/s, it can recover signals weakened by long cable connections by up to 28 dB. This helps to avoid quality loss and ensures that the video signal remains clear and stable over longer distances. 

The device has three independent 5-15 V/DC inputs. These ensure that the device is always powered, even if one of the power sources fails or is swapped out. This is particularly useful in critical applications where continuous power supply is required. 

The device can be powered by a standard 5V power supply or via a USB-C source, such as a laptop or power bank. This provides additional flexibility and mobility, making it easy to power the device on the go.


  • Clock Signal Recovery and Data Re-timing

  • Signal Amplification and Error Correction

  • Uninterrupted and Hot-Swappable Power Supply

  • Flexible Power Supply Options

Download Specifications

Technical Specifications

Video Connectors



135 MHz up to 6000 MHz
270 Gbit/s up to 11,88 Gbit/s

DC Input


DC Range

4-16V DC


up to 28dB at 11,88 Gbit/s
equals 30m coax cable Belden 1865A

Physical Specifications





DC Connectors

1x Binder & 3Pol 2x USB-C

Ambient temp.

-40° to +85°C

Storage temp.

-40° to +85°C

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