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September 2019

What's new for IBC2019!

Even though we didn't make it to Amsterdam this year, we keep pushing boundaries and inventing gadgets, converters and helpful tools for your daily work.
Catch a short glimpse of our news below & in our product library:

A tiny analog Tri-Level generator from any SDI source. Switchable to 1080i or 1080p frequency mode.

A11 FO-TR-12G
The new fiber transceivers: single link, dual link and even bi-directional up to 12G!

The 3G level & mapping converters input is 1080p SDI in single or dual link mode (Level A or B), which is converted to 1080p Level A or B or Dual link 1080i . Additionaly interlaced or progressive analog Tri-Level output and alternative HDMI output are available.

HD12 D-16
The HD 12 D-16 is a compact video distribution amplifier, distributing one 12G input to six 12G outputs whilst equalizing and reclocking the signal. It automatically detects the datarate of the distributed signal according to SMPTE standards.

HDMI-SDI-HDMI Converter System with built-in up -/ downconverter and color correction

LEXY connect
Dual link 3G for connecting cameras via COAXPRESS to copper and fiber output.

The ultimate fiber system for 4k Cameras or as a miniature video Stage Box transmits and receivse 4x up to 6G SDI over 1 fiber and 2x 3G SDI bi-directionally over a second fiber connection via separate fibers or SMPTE 311 hybrid cable.

Get in touch if you have any questions, requests or need a demo of our products!